My father was variously a cartoonist, screen printer and art teacher so  it  seemed  that I would be directed toward a career in the Visual Arts,  but in typical adolescent rebellion I  switched  to science, eventually  emigrating to  Canada.  After graduating from the University of Toronto(1969)  I moved to Quebec and a successful career, firstly in research at McGill University,  and then as a teacher and educational administrator in the English CEGEPs.  But the my interest in painting slowly re-awakened , and inspired by evening classes with Armand Tatossian I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree  (with distinction) at Concordia University in 1985.   Since then I have  regularly participated in many community events including  the Westmount Arts Festival , Les Soirees d’art de St-Henri, Les journées de la culture,  the Festival d'art erotique de Montréal ,  group  exhibitions with the Patrick John Mills Gallery  of Contemporary Art in Ottawa and Open Studio events .  In 2008 I held my first and only major solo exhibition, ‘Chasing the Savage Parade’ , at the Warren G. Flowers Gallery in Montréal.   With educational concerns in the past, I am  now able to devote all creative energy to making art in my studio in St-Henri.  Most recently I participated in the Hidden Realms exhibition at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford, New Zealand.

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